Snow, Snow and More Snow
    Well winter is in full swing here in Pennsylvania.  Last night the storm dumped about 15 inches on us.  During the blizzard hours, we were finishing up cleaning stalls and bringing horses in from the pasture.  That is when we noticed that our 2 year old, Hereford, was not herself.  She was colic-y.  My first thoughts were, of course, how is the vet going to get here if we need him?  We checked her vitals and gave her some banamine in the hope that it would settle her pain.  After a half an hour, we checked her again and she seemed more relaxed.  Throughout the night, John and I went out to check in on her and I am happy to say, she is fine this morning.        
The Daily Dose
Thursday, January 27, 2011
But this event brings up the perfect opportunity to remind all horse people that winter is just as hard on our horses as it is for us.  Even with the proper care, tons of available water, salt licks and hot cooked oat, horses can get sick very fast.  Be sure to monitor your horses closely and if they don’t seem right, they probably aren’t!  
Hereford, in the aisle of the barn.