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If you are a Thoroughbred owner/breeder and wish to foal your mare in Pennsylvania in order to take advantage of the Commonwealth’s lucrative “Pennsylvania Bred” awards program, one of the following requirements must be met:
• For foals of 2008 and thereafter, the dam of the foal must reside continuously in Pennsylvania since October 1 of the year of conception through foaling.

• The dam of the foal was purchased at a public sale after October 1 of the year of conception and brought into Pennsylvania within 14 days of the date of purchase and remained continuously through foaling. During the year of foaling, the foal or its dam spent at least ninety (90) days in the state.

• The dam of the foal was bred to a stallion standing in Pennsylvania which was registered with the Pennsylvania Horse Breeders Association as a Pennsylvania stallion during the breeding season of the year of foaling, and said dam of the foal remained in the state for at least the next ninety (90) days after foaling.
Broodmare Care and Foaling
When your mare comes to our farm for foaling and/or breeding back to a nearby stallion, she will receive the best care possible.  Generally arriving one month prior to her due date will help her settle in and get used to her new surroundings with daily turnout, nightly stall time, and regular checks throughout the day and night.  As the mare progresses towards delivery and shows signs that delivery is imminent, she will be moved into the foaling stall and monitored until foaling time.  At that time she will be assisted by us, as needed, to ensure a healthy mare and foal.
Once delivered and for the duration of its time at Racer X Thoroughbreds, the foal is monitored daily, enabling us to closely follow its development. Keeping owners apprised of their foal’s growth is important to us. Monthly evaluations by ourselves as well as the farrier are recorded and sent to the foal’s owner, along with color photographs. We also maintain close contact with owners by telephone, fax, and e-mail, and pride ourselves on providing a constant and consistent line of communication with our clientele.
We truly believe that a horse develops best when left in the outdoors and is allowed to be with others of similar gender and age. This allows the horse to use its natural instincts and compete in an environment that will build bone and muscle. When protection is required, we have run-in sheds in each pasture as well as stalls with good ventilation. For those horses unable to live in a herd atmosphere (sick, lameness, etc.) we will separate them and give them the proper environment in which they can overcome their setbacks.
At Racer X Thoroughbreds, we know that good horsemen raise good foals. By maintaining the best veterinary, farrier, and nutritional care possible, we will give your foal the best chance for success in both the sales ring and at the track. We treat the horse as an individual while still allowing it to be herd-oriented, giving each animal the best opportunity to develop into an athlete that fits our philosophy. By putting the horse first, we know in time that athlete will not only reward the breeder in a potential sale, but also give the potential new owner and trainer a viable racehorse.
If you would like your mare to be bred to a nearby stallion, shipping is available.  We are minutes away from Fox Tale Stud in Coopersburg and several other local stallions in the area.
Our rates for the 2010/2011 season are as follows:
                           Boarding, all horses past weaning                $  18.00 per day
                           Boarding, foals until weaned                        $    4.00 per day
                            Foaling                                                          $400.00
                            Transportation of Horses                                *
* Fees for these services are arranged individually, based on levels of service required. Please contact us.